In the symphony of his artistic journey, Johnny Biner channels his emotions through the vessel of his beloved guitar, crafting abstract yet uplifting melodies with a spiritual mission. Since 2009, Johnny has been regularly gracing stages in German cities and festivals before making Amsterdam his musical home in 2019. Marking the beginning of his sonic footprint was Johnny’s first single vinyl release through the Wicked Wax label ‘Don’t Ask Me / Way Too Long’ that was released on the day of his graduation from Amsterdam’s conservatory. A track of his has also found its place on the Super Sonic Jazz compilation, solidifying his presence on the scene. Across Europe, DJs are resonating into the honest and confident sounds emanating from Johnny’s compositions, and hard copies of his music are available in record stores internationally. After subsequent small tours set the stage for broader recognition, the first debut album is finally ready to be exposed to the world.

Influenced by a diverse range of musical styles, Johnny’s compositions reflect a keen fascination with the intricate details drawn from both local musicians and a broad exploration of musical history. His music is a fusion, blending elements of Herbie Hancock’s jazz-funk, old-school blues guitar solos reminiscent of B.B. King, Tribe Called Quest-inspired beats, and Brazilian harmonies echoing Toninho Horta and Ivan Lins. Rooted in a love for music and a fascination with grooves, Johnny and his band draw inspiration from the rhythmic legacy of James Brown.

Johnny has been touring and performing internationally including Morocco, Turkey, France, Lithuania, Latvia, and some iconic Dutch venues such as Paradiso (Super Sonic Jazz Festival), Melkweg, Het Concertgebouw, Tivoli Vredenburg, or BIRD, to name a few.